Bombast Collections

Bombast Interiors is the most recent chapter in our story — a story that has been unfolding for almost three decades. Located in the heart of Vancouver’s historic Chinatown, the store is very much more than a corporate showroom. In addition to our own products, we sell a carefully edited range of complementary furniture, lighting, carpets, and accessories from some of the most interesting design names and brands in the world. We also offer a curated collection of vintage rarities — objects from the historical stream that inspire us.

More than merely an extension of our manufacturing activities, the store has broadened our conversation with other producers and designers in the contemporary arena and adds what we hope is an interesting layer to the retail environment in Vancouver.

The Bombast Interiors Collection has been gathered by a careful selection process that emphasizes quality and design integrity — and helps to illustrate what we believe are lasting material cultural values. Just as we strive to produce quality products that respond to genuine needs, our trading partners are all firms that are recognized internationally for excellence and it is it a pleasure to represent them in the Vancouver marketplace.



After listening to countless requests from fellow Architects to see his father’s designs reissued, Benjamin decided to join with his brother Thomas to form the Cherner Chair Company in 1999. Since then the Cherner Chair Company has brought back into production many of Norman Cherner’s most popular designs. Utilizing his original drawings and specifications, the reissued designs are manufactured with the same attention to detail found in the original hand made classics. Cherner Chair products are now distributed through dealers worldwide.

In addition to reissuing the molded plywood chairs, stools and tables, The Cherner Chair Company has introduced new designs by Benjamin Cherner.

The Cherner Chair Company is the sole licensor of Norman Cherner and Benjamin Cherner designs.

Bestlite Collection

Bestlite has been in continuous production since 1930. Winston Churchill is numbered amongst its many famous users. The Bestlite design was conceived by Robert Dudley Best who was highly influenced by the Bauhaus.

Bauhaus was a school in Germany that merged practical crafts with the fine arts and became famous for the design concept that it publicized and taught. Bauhaus had a profound influence upon subsequent developments in art, architecture, graphic design, interior design and industrial design and Bauhaus style became one of the most influential forces behind Modernist architecture and modern design.